by Ink Aviation

The smart airport systems we offer solve critical operational problems
for airports, airlines and ground handlers.
○ Problems that waste money.
○ Problems that you may be trying to
solve with excess manpower.
○ Outdated procedures and systems
inflexibly priced for the pre-Covid era
One vendor. Countless solutions. 

Why pay exorbitant fees to anchor your operation to desktop PCs?
Eliminate desk charges by exiting CUTE and use the savings to offset the cost of transformation.

Exit CUTE 

It is possible to be even more efficient with a smaller workforce. Instead of just providing new or different screens to do manual functions, design those processes out so neither staff nor passengers have to do them.

Increase automation 

Reduce messaging costs
Transition Type A and B messages away from legacy brokers.
Baggage (sortation, reconciliation) DCS (Loadsheets, MVT, PNLs) Governments (APIS) 

Reduce messaging costs 

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