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Das Tori are revolutionising technology options and revolutionising the tool industry in Papua New Guinea. 

Starting a business in the land of the unexpected sure has its challenges, however with a positive mindset and a can do attitude we are ready to face any challenge that is thrown at us.

 We are a small start up who aims to be the next big thing to come out of Papua New Guinea & to the world. We are new products and processes to the ever growing global market with our focus on Technology, Operations, Resource and Infrastructure__, We are a start up with big aspirations to be a global player whilst being highly successful and accountable.
We look for ways to simplify and improve processes in day to day life.

Check out our Nemo Power Tools & our NEMO GRABO.

We also offer Modular expandable container homes which are an awesome new technology in themselves.

Our Commercial Diving Services Include:
In-water vessel Inspections and 
Hull & Propeller Cleaning:
We are currently are specialising in private yachts and smaller commercial vessels.
Search and retrieval of goods lost.

Cutting & grinding
Underwater welding

Hull & Propeller Cleaning:
Hulls and polished propellers optimise boat performance. Marine fouling is removed in-water via our cleaning technology. Our in-water cleaning technologies provide additional cost savings because dry docking is eliminated.
Subscription MONTHLY/ QUARTERLY or ONE OFF, First time cleans.
We change anodes under water (You Supply).

In-water vessel Inspection: We do a full video before and after for full transparency and give you an accurate report with all of our underwater services that we provide.

Safety and Training:
Our training and development of our staff has resulted in all local dive staff possessing Australian commercial certifications.
Dive operation safety is paramount and all dive operations are strictly conducted to AS2299. Safety, professionalism is assured

Commercial diving is a dangerous maritime job, our fully Australian qualified and experienced commercial divers and technicians are on-site with a modern work shop. We use Nemo Underwater Power tools that are all battery operated to provide you with a range of mobility & additional marine services that are second to none. 

Other Specialised services
Underwater repair and maintenance
Cutting & grinding
Underwater welding

Businesses that need marine services have demands and urgency, especially those running as shipping operations, mine sites, and underwater construction, that have a high degree of contact with machine operation. Our service has personal attention to your business and must satisfy your needs in a timely manner. 

Our  Affordable Expandable Modular container homes:
They look like a home, not a container, and they are strong and durable. Plug them into your mains or install solar with an eco-septic system and go completely off grid.
Relocatable: Taking them down is a reverse process of installing and they fold down to the size of a container.

1) All steel fabric parts and the size of prefab house can be made according to clients' requirement.
2) The prefab house is cost effective, durable structure, convenient relocation , and environment-protection.
3) The material of prefab house is light and easily to installation. one 50 square meter house five workers 1-3days finished installation, save manpower and time.
4) All the materials of prefab house can cycle-use, Meeting the require of environment protection in the world. Special is in the large-scale house projects in the developed region.
5) We used the high quality galvanized sheet and foam as the materials of the wall and roof .So the prefab house is good for fire proofing, water proofing, etc.
6) Support frame system of steel prefab house: Q235B China stander steel structural. Square tube, Channel steel.

Our plans can be modified and additions made to suit individual requirements.
Move them with a tilt tray, they can be relocatable or permanent.
Cornices and Architraves:
Electrical: SAA approved 2.5mm cable to power points, 1.5mm cable to lights, light switches & fittings. Waterproofed external plug.
Plumbing and Sanitary wares.
Powder Board with Safety Switch.
Warranty and what it covers:
We have a 10-year structural warranty on galvanized steel framing.

The external flashing’s come in Ironstone, Cottage green or White.
Add a sliding door with fly screen to open out onto a veranda.
Extend the bathroom.
2 way bathroom.
Laundry/pantry cupboard.
Window and door blinds to suit available in black or white.
laundry room.



Many industry professionals tell us that Grabo is the most useful tool in their truck.



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